Action started for change in Punjab police culture

Initially, 40 corrupt DSPs will be started to bring changes in Punjab police culture; The corrupt DSPP lists have been prepared, the notification for the police officers to graduate soon Will be issued. A few days ago Inspector General Punjab Police had formed a committee consisting of high officers, who were directed to report the report by black black sheep from police.
It has been said that the committee has collected data related to corrupt officers with the help of secret agencies across the province. The committee has also submitted a report based on its recommendations to Punjab.

Under which initially a 40 corrupt SDPO and DSPP list has been developed. IG will issue the notification of suspension of the officers in a two day on the recommendations of the Punjab Police Committee.

Afterwards, SHOs, inspectors and then at lower level will be implemented against the black sheep in police. It is clear that when the PTI came to the government, he urged the steps to revolve and clear the police culture. The public could get relief. Prime Minister Imran Khan also received the services of former IG Nasir Durrani for police referrals, but later he apologized to handle the responsibility of the prime minister. In this case, the Sahayah Sahayal. On which the government has taken control of police culture. The change of police culture will actually help the public. Because in the culture, human beings are not considered human, but extremely unusual.

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