Adnan Malik reflects on Pakistan’s disastrous first innings in the Cricket World Cup

Pakistan is off to a disappointing start in their Cricket World Cup 2019 campaign, losing all 10 of their wickets before the end of the 22nd over and putting just 105 runs on the scoreboard today.

If you’re disheartened, you’re not alone. Cake actor Adnan Malik also had a few things to tweet about:

“What happened to our team? Is it the captaincy? Selection? Coaching? Team environment? Players not following plans? Everything seems to be in tatters. This is not about being mercurial – when will we be consistent?” he wrote.

“I know not playing the ipl has hurt us. Cricket has changed and we are still playing an old brand of it. But there’s something seriously wrong & I can’t put my finger on it. I cant understand why our players aren’t executing game plans.”

He added that he feels “something is seriously wrong with the team environment as we are completely demoralised”, in the end asking: “How do we pick up from here?”

We’re wondering the same thing.

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