Ali Rehman Khan urges dog owners to treat their pet like family

Actor Ali Rehman Khan’s got a soft spot for dogs.

In a moving Instagram post Khan shared photos playing with golden retrievers he saw on the street and wrote, “Those moments when nothing else makes you happier. Chilled with these cuties when I saw them on the side walk strutting around.”

And it got him thinking about pet dogs which are locked up outside houses by owners and it broke it his heart.

“Which makes me think about how dogs are kept in Pakistan. I really wish more people had dogs inside their houses as members of their families in Pakistan rather than keeping them outside in cages and in gardens.”

He added, “Breaks my heart to see all those dogs neglected. I feel sorry for people who don’t give themselves the opportunity to experience the love of a dog every second they’re around one. Dogs are a gift, literally the best friends you will ever have, ever! Embrace their love!”

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