Bilawal Bhutto apologized for two times, third consecutive year, Sheikh Rasheed

He said that Bilawal Bhutto has forgiven Bilawal twice, it is not a third time, like a daughter-in-law daughter, I will not answer his statement. Imran Khan has no space for anybody else. Talking to the media here today, he said that a lakh of people will be provided by the development of the railway.
We did not even sell a deadly railway station. We have saved the treasure tracks. I wish the roulette should offer its own budget. There are good people in the PPP. Shahbaz Sharif is playing both sides of the wicket. Sheikh Rasheed said that Bilawal Bhutto has given me 2 times, but there is no space for the third time.

However, Bhupta is like my daughter.

I will not answer any of his statements. Sheikh Rashid said that Shahbaz Sharif is playing both sides of the wicket. No one will get anything because Imran Khan has no space to deal with. Some people are proud of their respect to save their wealth. He said that PPP wants all the cases Sindh and N-League to be held in Lahore. They have the same purpose and they go to London.
Sheikh Rashid said that New Zealand’s tragedy is very sad. Other important figures, including the President, went to see the PSL match. Furthermore, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad condemned the terrorist attacks targeting Jafar Express and said that targeted terrorists and passengers is a terrifying terrorist attack. In his statement, he said terrorist terrorists are targeting soft targets, the state will deal with terrorism strictly.
Relief and rescue operations continue in the track blast, Pakistan Railway staff and other State and Administrative Institutes are participating in the operation, he said. He said that the prices were unhappy about the loss of knowledge and said that tracking petroling will be effective in meeting state institutions to avoid terrorist incidents.

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