Can an adult woman ever wear a bow without looking like an infant?

Our favourite childhood accessory is back in a big way (we mean it when we say BIG) and the question on our minds is — can we get away with it?

Don’t you say you haven’t noticed larger than life bows trending because they’re EVERYWHERE. This year at Cannes, the red carpet was groaning under the weight of bows — Deepika Padukone rocked one (actually, not one, not two but three bows). So did style queen Sonam Kapoor.

But lets face it, bows are tricky and what works on the red carpet doesn’t always work in real life.

There’s always the risk of infantilising yourself… or looking like a caricature. And nobody wants that.

So, since it doesn’t seem like these accents are going anywhere, we’ll make it easier for you. Here’s all the types of bows we’ve been spotting and the ones you can actually wear out in public:

Sonam Kapoor can take a bow (sorry not sorry)
Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab couture
No surprises here that Sonam Kapoor has managed to make an awkward trend work gracefully. The reason why this doesn’t look to babyish is because it’s soft and subtle and not overtly structural; also that it’s all one colour so the bow isn’t distracting or OTT.

Best supporting bow
Kiran Malik wearing a Styleberri top
Kiran Malik could look good in a potato sack but that’s besides the point. If you want to jump on the bandwagon but take it slow, this is your best bet because the bow isn’t the main focus here; the shirt’s got other elements going on and again, is one solid colour. You can dress up a top like this for a night out or wear it casually during the day.

What we’re saying is, you can get away with deconstructed bows.

Go old school with a headband bow
Best way to dip your toes in the trend without going overboard
Take a page out of Momina Mustehsan’s style files with this a super cute hair accessory which is the easiest way to jazz up any look. Cute and keeps your hair out of your face — win win!

Stay away from ‘that just looks like a weird growth on your shoulder’ kinda bows
Just us or Diana Penty’s bow looks a lot like the one Mahira donned last year at Cannes? Remember that?
Exaggerated bows can fly on red carpets if you’re looking to make a statement. However, in this case, it really didn’t. The bow is so poofy (bordering on goofy) that it looks like a pillow; you could nap on that thing!

Don’t try this at home, kids.

The ‘Isn’t that choking you? bow is a no no
That just looks uncomfortable
Seriously, Hareem: how you breathing girl? Comfort > fashion in this case.

Bowties could work but not so much in this case
Deepika Padukone is the cutest loofah we ever saw?
To be fair, the bow is the least of her problems with this outfit…

Waist-cinching bows are flattering
A little purple never hurt anybody
See, now this, we can get behind. A small accent which adds a pop of colour to a simple outfit and shows off all those crunches you’ve been doing at the gym. Good job, Mawra Hocane!

So are bow trousers
So trendy for everyday wear!
That’s how you do casual chic! Sanam Saeed rocking bow culottes which also highlight your waist and are effortlessly cool not to mention comfortable for our warm climate. So if you want to incorporate this into everyday wear, we approve!

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