Dubai: Remove gold brick and crude leaves from the glass box

Dubai: The challenge of winning a 20-kilo gold brick on Dubai airport in UAE city has been given a golden brick and a crescent leaf from the glass box.

According to details, a 20 kilograms of gold brick has been placed in the glass box on Dubai airport and the invitation to those coming to the airport is that the person will remove the brick from the box, it will become gold.

Embedded video

There is a small hole in the glass box, which is barely hand-inside, can be seen in a video that many people are trying to get the brick out of the box but have failed, but a person claimed video sharing. It is that he has won this challenge. The shared video on the Same Contacts website can be found in a person that the person has successfully removed golden bricks, but the administration has no statement regarding its win. has

Shailendra Pooniwala@Shail_Pooniwala

👇🏼He has done it –

Dubai airport 20kg gold bar challenge


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