Founder MQM has been on bail

Altaf Hussain has been released on bail. MQM reports found that Altaf Hussain has been on bail. Lail police says that evidence against Altaf Hussain is inaccessible. MQM MQM Altaf Hussain Scotland Yard was arrested last day, after which he was transferred to the local police station.
Today the British police investigated the founding MQM since two hours. The accused was appearing on the MQM MQM today, but no one was convicted on Altaf Hussein. The Culinary Prosecution Service has decided not to charge the founder MQM right now. Police can keep Altaf Hussein for four days without being punished

Founder MQM MQM Altaf Hussain has been investigated from 10 to 10 pm according to local time. During the investigation Altaf Hussain told only his name, date of birth and home address. The founder MQM refused to answer any British police question on which the British police told them that you have the option to call “nine committees”.
But in the court, you can go against the court. However, the lawyer of the MQM MQM Altaf Hussain advised him to call “nine comments”. Founder MQM was present in the Sadn police station where he was investigated. During the investigation, Altaf Hussain complained of chest pain on which the British police stopped the investigation. Remember that Scotland Yard last night raided the MQM leader Altaf Hussain’s house early in the morning.
At least 15 police officers participated in the raid. Accident Ledd Yard arrested founder MQM MQM from his home in London, after which he was transferred to the local police station. Later, the founder of MQM Altaf Hussain was filed for the bail. This application was filed by MPMM.

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