I just did not send Prime Minister nomination, Fahad Chaudhary

Naeem ul Haq said that the renunciation of the columnist has been gotten, Naeem ul Haq does not know anything; occupied in nephew marriage; tomorrow will meet Prime Minister; there are contrasts identified with MDPTV; PM coordinates I will do it. Converse with media in Jhelum

Government Minister for Information Vaneshatri Fadad Chaudhary said that I have not sent PM Nawaz Sharif yet, I am occupied nephew marriage, I will meet tomorrow, Prime Minister has an individual connection, Naeem ul Haq does not know anything. There are diverse contrasts. Conversing with the media in Jhelum today, he said that I was not given the Ministry of Information for Flooding

I have been given the service for open administration. Trend Chaudhary, an inquiry, “Naeem ul Haq says that your abdication has been sent to the Prime Minister.” Naeem ul Haq did not know anything. I have not sent my renunciation yet.

Every one of the renunciations are outlandish. Fadad Chaudhary said that my political undertaking with the head administrator is close to home.

I have not possessed the capacity to contact Prime Minister yesterday. I am occupied with my nephew. He clarified that my disparities still exist with MDPTV. Tomorrow I will meet the Prime Minister. I will do whatever the Prime Minister orders me. Making a group is crafted by Prime Minister. Then again, Pakistan Television (PTV) Board of Directors called Fad Chaudhary as an answer letter that the top managerial staff are worried about the continuous analysis on the association and the organizati

Because of you, government TV question are bantered on an every day private TV. The PTV is certifiably not a backup of an open foundation or your service. It was written in the letter of Tortamiya that your letter about PTV was unsure. Because of vulnerability, organizations who have started organizations have started to leave with them. The PTV organization has said that improving the execution of the association is a joint duty of government, organization and board.

PTV execution diminished graduation amid the most recent ten years. Criminal carelessness prompted poor administration of PTV and debasement time. Because of carelessness, awful administration and defilement, the organization is on the precarious edge of demolition. Conversing with the private TV, Naeem ul Haq said that the Prime Minister is a CPI-M board part. He said Prime Minister needs PTV turned into the free body of a BBC.

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