In our era Pakistan’s stock market was ranked first in the world and fifth in South Asia

Former Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says the new Pakistan will swallow the domestic economy. According to details, the former federal finance minister and key leader of the Muslim League-N, Ishaq Dar, while addressing Skype at the Muslim League House in the New York House in New York, said Pakistan’s stock market in our era was the first in the world’s fifth and in South Asia. But the Imran Khan government has hit the economy like economic terrorism in one year.
He criticized the current government, saying that the rupee has been greatly disposed in the present government, while the lives of people have been forbidden due to the inflation. Electricity and gas prices have slowly increased the public’s waist.

He said that today’s stock market has reached the lowest level in the world’s worst list and the Pakistani currency has reached the lowest level of South Asia.

We are active to expose the lies of government and to tell the truth to the public. The government has no answer to our questions. He said that the people who voted for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have now taken up the swings and are making bad claims that we need old Pakistan, New Pakistan will swallow the domestic economy. Addressing the properly organized event of the day, he said that the people will remember Mian Nawaz Sharif forever.
Today Pakistan is a nuclear force capable of Pakistan’s security. Keep in mind that former finance minister Ishaq Dar is in London but he expresses his views through the video message on the domestic economic situation and political situation and giving advice to the government. Are there

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