Indian films are not allowed to show in Pakistan, Chairman Pira

Chairman Pyra Saleem said that Indian movies will not allow the exhibition to be displayed in Pakistan. The Pakistan Satellite Goods Association organized unlocking Indian DTH dishes and cline equipment voluntary function in which Chairman Pimera Salim Bags made a special contribution.
Chairman PEMRA said in a meeting that the move of the hallway traders is happy that they have agreed to implement the national interest and implement implementation of the Supreme Court, to make this campaign more efficient and efficient under the orders of Supreme Court. So that path can be smooth for Pakistani DTH, the PEMRA will start the process of action against cable operators using illegal Indo-DTH signals.

All Pakistan Satellite Association officials, on the occasion, supported the decision of not showing Indian Pira’s Indian Broadcasting by offering the DHH dishes and other equipment with the traders of the hall and slogans for Chairman Pira. Chairman, PEMRA SALAM BAGA, told the media that all the films will not be allowed to show in Pakistan.
India bombings Pakistan from Pakistan by collecting movie money from Pakistan, I am a public representative, with Pedra Trader community, I am grateful to the Hall Road trader community on the basis of Pimra. All Pakistan Satellite Associates Cement officials said the trader community is against Indian content and announces complete boycott of Indian channels.

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