It was nice to go away from Karachi and know about the new game

Due to the difficulty of living in the city and especially in Karachi, whereverever the opportunity to get out of here comes out, then I leave without delay, because the rest of the day is also available for such a departure, and Negative thoughts about life also decrease, because it is known after leaving out, neither life is so difficult nor is the world so bad.

It is a matter of 23 or 24, when I have called a friend and said that pack the bag, we have to go to Khanwal 2 days later, there is competition between the rupee and Pakistan is going to make a global record, so The coverage is required.

Earlier, it was surprised to hear the world record, and it was convinced that it is a lie, because such a great deal is going to happen, but it is argued that any such news listened to it, but still, as it came out of the city. There was a chance, so without asking anything, ‘Isa Boss’.

What are these comparisons? What happens to it How do these games go? Which teams attend it? How many goals and how many runs? I did not have any answer to any of these questions. Ask the truth, I also felt that coverage of this game should not be too.

But after reaching destination, I proved to be quite wrong. After reaching there, what secrets on me open, let me tell you too.

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