Member National Assembly Mohsin Dhar brought his heart to the tongue

After the attack on a military after Mohsin Warsi’s hunt, the first statement came out. Pashtun security leader leader Mohsin Dwar is animated on social media, after which Mohsen Dave today gave an interview to foreign media in which he has informed his demand. Mohsen Davar said in an interview with foreign media on an unknown spot that the Pak Army should leave Waziristan.
It was believed that the Pak Army had restored peace in Waziristan due to the hard work of many years, operations against the terrorists, and the sacrifices of the soldiers in these operations, but recently, Mohsin Wadro joined his colleagues and joined the Pak Army in Waziristan. Not only attacked the checkpoint, but also tried to eradicate the situation of peace in Waziristan, which was strongly condemned.

Political and defense analysts say the statement of Mohsin Dwar’s recent interview shows that he does not feel happy with the restoration peace in Waziristan, and again wants to send the Pak Army from Waziristan, if the Pak Army It is possible that Waziristan can again be a spectacle of terrorists, which is unacceptable for Pakistan.
Be careful that members of the National Assembly, Mohsin, who attacked the Pak Army checkpoint, were miscreants. On May 26, Mohsin Wahd, along with his colleagues, attacked the check post of security personnel in North Waziristan, resulting in an officer martyred and four officials were injured, but three assaulters were killed in the operation, while ten The people were injured.

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