General Qamarvi Bajwa’s vision is peace, stability and security, spokesman of the Pak Army

What would be better, the Indian army chief also would have to abandon Pakistan’s hostility for the vision of General Qamar Javaid Bajwa, who would pursue the vision of General Qamarviid Bajwa. DG ISP Army General Asif Ghafoor, on the Indian army chief’s statement Reaction

Armed force Chief General Majid Ghafoor said that the vision of General Qamar Javaid Bajwa is the harmony, steadiness and improvement of the military, what is better, the Indian Army Chief, likewise General Qamar Javaid, to challenge the vision of Bajwa, the vision of General Qamar Javaid Bajwa. Pakistan should relinquish a progression of threats for combination. As per the Army Department of Public Relations (ISPR), the Indian Army Chief says that he is the military head of Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javaid.

The representative for the Pak Army said in his reaction that the vision of the Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javaid Bajwa is harmony, steadiness and advancement. What might have been something more, the Indian armed force boss, General Qamar Javed, would be a piece of the provincial harmony vision of Bajwa.

Real General Asif Ghafoor said that General Qamar Javed would need to stop Pakistan’s threatening vibe for the Bajaur’s vision. Obviously, the Indian Army Chief General, Bapat Rawat, told the Pakistani military boss General Qamar Javed Bajwa in his meeting a week ago that I will impersonate Pakistan Army Chief in each appreciation.

General Bajwa says, I tune in, I take a full discount, I likewise know where they are visiting. I tail them inside and out. He is the military head of Pakistan and I need to tail them. A week ago, the Daily Staff of the Staff General Qamar Javad Bajwa visited the Line of Control Forgery Coat and Bagrassor, Army Chief evaluated the operational arrangements of Pak Army.

Armed force Chief was designed quickly about the circumstance of the OOC. The Army boss valued the abnormal state of mentality and planning of the conveyed youth to the LOC. General Chief Qamar Javad Bajwa said that while conversing with the young, It is an adoring nation. Pakistan does not have any nation in weight. He said that we are frightened or not. Anybody’s dangers and tiredness won’t kick the bucket. Anybody animosity and aspiration react to this force Will be

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