Pakpatan: A case against young man who is a small creator has filed a case

Pakpatan: A case against young man who is a small creator has filed a case

Pakpattan: A case was filed in connection with ASI’s claim against young Fayyaz who was preparing for you to fly.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), the ship was made without a permit and the government’s permission was not taken.

The case was alleged that the young man showed dangerous danger on the ship and when the police arrived, the ship was landing.

On the other hand, the family of the person mentioned that Fiyaz took a year to prepare a small ship, for which he had not only sold his land but also took a loan from the private bank.

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In this regard, Dawn Fauzia told Fayyaz that he belonged to a poor family, he was educated in mathematics, but could not continue his education after father’s disease and death.

Fayyaz said she wanted to go to Air Force since childhood, but she did not fulfill her fame due to circumstances.

The arrested person informed Dawn News about his sources that he presents a guardian at a private university at night and earns bread bread by selling pop corners at the time of day.

The person mentioned was that I worked hard to develop a helicopter and tried to run it, but flew down due to the engine being small.

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However, he did not dare and bought 50 thousand rupees from the bank, bought a large engine from Faisalabad but prepared it to bring him to the road, so the police arrested.

Earlier, Dawn News reported that Rang Shah Shah took a young student to a safe custody, trying to drive a knitted machine.

The police arrested Fayyaz, a farmer from 50 villages of the village of Mohammad Nagar, Arif Arif, where he was testing the blow machine.

Fayyaz claimed that he sold the land of his 4 kanal found in the heritage, which he used to use the money he used to fly.

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On the last day, Fiyaz fields were going to test their own ship, on the occasion hundreds of people gathered together.

However, none of the gatherers informed Rang Shah Shah police on which the police surrounded the fields while Fayyaz stopped the ship’s experience.

According to the eyewitnesses, the police put the foye-making machine into the tractor trolley and reached the police station and took Fayyaz along with him.

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Talking to Dawn, Station House Officer (SHO) Nisar Bhatti of Rang Shah Police Station told Dawn that Fayyaz was arrested only by a security perspective.

He further added that the aim of curbing the young’s unreliable creation is to make sure the people coming to see the experience of the machine do not get any harm from it.

SHO said he has called experts who will review the complete completion of the ship as to what is the end.

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