Paranjee Chopra’s divorce threatens on the basis of secrets?

Bidy Peak Chips Paranjee Chopra, in December last year, married a singer and actress Nick Jones in December under Hindu and Christian rituals in India.

ان کی شادی کے ایک ہفتے بعد ہی ان کی طلاق کی چہ مگوئیاں شروع ہوئیں—فائل فوٹو: انڈیا ٹوڈے

Both of them have a 11-year difference and Paranica Chopra was being more influenced by being more than Nick Jones.

The relationship between the two was established in 2017, and in August 2018, both of them had announced the marriage after engagement.

On the wedding of Paranica Chopra and Nick Jones, the World and Indian media gave them full coverage and many international personalities were involved in their marriage.

Although before these reports, these reports were that both of them would not get married for a long time because Prianka Chopra was being celebrated more than Nick Jones.

Even after 10 days of his wedding, an episode of the New York Times sub-magazine ‘The Kit’ was named Chechna and Nick Jones’ marriage.

جوڑے کی شادی جودھ پور میں دھوم دھام سے ہوئی تھی—فوٹو: اے ایف پیAfter a week of his marriage, his divorce started – File Photo: India Cast
The article written by The Kit’s journalist journalist Maria Smith said that Priinka Chopra played a drama for marrying Nick Jones, his team for a long time finding a global personality for her. Had been

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The article was attempted to imply that his relationship could not be seen in any way of love, but was under a plan.

The article was revealed that Priinka Chopra cheated Nick Jonas in the name of a wedding.

Couple got married to Jodhpur in Dharmpur – Photos: AFP
In the same article Nick Jones was criticized and claimed that he too married Indian actress to get the reputation.

After this article, Priankaka Chopra and many other personalities criticized the magazine, after which the article writing article was also apologized.

In addition, other websites also predicted that both of them would not have been married for a long time.

And now the information has come to pass that the couple got married for a divorce only after 117 days of marriage.

Times of India referring to the report of the leading fashion magazine ‘Ok’ that the couple filed an application for divorce.

اوکے میگزین نے دونوں کی طلاق کی رپورٹ شائع کی—اسکرین شاٹOk magazine published both divorce reports – screen shot
The fashion magazine report states that there was a dispute between the two days after the marriage started and there was a problem between both of them, including time to work with each other or working with each other. Lived there

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The report said that fashion magazine wrote in his report that Priinka Chopra is engaged in the effort to rule over decision making decisions on Nick Jones and everything

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