Prize Bond Pakistan

Prize Bond in Pakistan

It is considered as the Gold Investment and it is a carrier sort of venture security, which gives no premium or benefit. Prize bond are accessible in the sections of Rs. 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15,000, 25000, 40,000 and Premium Bonds.

Prize Bond is fundamentally a lottery security offered by the National Savings Pakistan (Ministry of Finance) and issued in the interest of the Government of Pakistan.

Prize Bonds in Pakistan are issued in legitimate arrangement, and each arrangement is restricted to 1,000,000 bonds (one million numbers). Each draw is held quarterly, anyway no intrigue or benefit is given on these bonds. Each quarter the fortunate champs are declared through fortunate draws. These fortunate attracts are held significant urban areas of Pakistan, around multiple times every year. As per numbers, each year 70,600 Pakistanis win Rs. 1.6 billion rupees in prize cash.

Prize Bond in Pakistan are accessible in the accompanying divisions

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