The army taught lesson to those who threatened to ‘hit’

The Pakistani armed force trained exercises to the individuals who undermined to ‘slaughter’. Show on the limits without the officers of fighters. Fawad Chaudhary, taking Indiawith a bunch of hands, said that India had compromised to murder him in Pakistan, however the Pakistani powers showed them a thing or two and they would not attempt once more

Government Chief  Ministers were tending to the social affair in Jhelum, he said that the Pakistani individuals are remaining with their military and are prepared to confront any sort of circumstance. The Prime Minister gave India a harmony message however India came to hostility and we reacted unequivocally to the animosity. We need harmony, yet we realize how to react to the assault.

He said that the place where there is Jhelum created many fearless spots on which the country is glad.

Fawad Chaudhry is in Jhelum, he lauded Pakistan armed force execution amid tending to general society and furthermore commended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tranquility. Imran Khan is qualified for the Nobel Prize, and now the world is likewise saying that Imran Khan ought to be given the Nobel Peace Prize. He included that the entire country is remaining behind the Pak Army.

Discussing resistance, he said that there is no close to home battle against the restriction. We are requesting a determined defilement just, it is essential to compute, they can not be permitted to flee from any record. He stated, ‘We don’t cry’ and they state ‘Nero’. Fadad Chaudhary said that Imran Khan’s authority will improve economy, wellbeing and training.

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