The case registered against the female leader of the N-League attack on police

The case has been registered against the female leader of the attack on the police in Lahore. Media reports have reported that Hamza Shahbaz Sharif was arrested on the same day as a large number of workers working on the occasion. The lady’s leader attacked the police and slapped her mouth.
The woman also abusive with the young police officer. A media report said that the Lahore High Court rejected the petition of PML-N leader and opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz, the Punjab Assembly after which he was sent to the NAB office. On Tuesday, the arrest of Hamza Shahbaz and transfer of NAB office outside the NAB workers protested and made a lot of slogans.

See also a lady glue bit of PML-N on this occasion. Former PML-N leader, Punjab Assembly, Farahana Butt, scandalized the police stationers on duty outside the NAB office. On this occasion, police did not raise their hands on the PML-N leader and former member assembly, as a woman and gave no answer to her misery.
See also the video Viral on social media.

Shafqat Ali Qureshi
@ shafqat120
Female League of NL League
The former lady MPA Farhan bin Accountability Court was raped and beaten by the court. Salvation of youth’s tolerance and courage, which did not respond just to be a woman. Will be against Fir’aun’s supporters ? #HamzaShehbaz

1:46 PM – Jun 11, 2019
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The video of Farahana bit on social media was wrecked on which consumers had said that Punjab Police is no longer the one who can take hands or weapons on new citizens and especially women. This video clearly shows that even after being ruthlessly, police officers did not put the lady’s league to hand.
Some people gave credit to this change in Punjab Police to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team, so some people started comparing today’s video, glue-bit incident and Saha Model Town. Internet users had to say that Punjab Police has not been more political. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has cleared the Punjab Police from politics after coming into power.
It is clear that after the capture of opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz, protesters are protesting in place in Lahore and protesting against the NAB. So now the former woman who was abducted with the police was prosecuted against the Punjab Assembly Farahana Butt. After which a legal action will be taken against the lady leader of the N League.

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