The crime proved to be a crime for sexually abusive, decided to execute the death of prominent Pakistani singer’s brother

The convicted of abusive sexually abusive gangs, the decision to execute the famous Pakistani singer’s brother, the death sentence of his brother and death sentence of six lakh rupees in the crime of sexual abuse of Nazim Iqbal’s poor daughters. The sentence of the crime has been ordered. According to the details, a local court of Rawalpindi has ordered the convicted girl of Nazima Iqbal’s adolescent girl to punish her brother-in-law for the death penalty and a fine of Rs. 6 lakhs.
Rawalpindi’s Additional District and Session Judge Tahir Aslam ordered the accused Iftikhar Ali to be sentenced to death sentence and sentence.

The accused Iftikhar Ali is the real brother of Nazima Iqbal, a renowned Pashtu singer. Last year, a case was registered in the Rath police station by Nazia Iqbal, in which her brother was accused that she has been accused of raping her two female children.

Singer Nazia Iqbal has been in Rawalpindi with her six children for the past several years. Last year, the Pashto singer lodged an FIR against his brother Iftikhar in Thana Raut, which was accused of abusive sex with her two daughters daughters. The police later arrested the accused, while medical reports were confirmed to have sexual abuse in children.
In the FIR lodged in the relevant station, Nazia Iqbal said that daughters used to complain to me that mothers abused us, I did not believe in the words of the children. On Saturday, around eight o’clock at least eight o’clock came to make a breakfast of my younger daughter. “According to Naziya, he went to the room, and his brother targeted his daughter in abusive sexual abuse. While according to his elder daughter, ‘Mamma used to show us videos to slaughter children on their mobile phones and say that if anyone tells me, they will kill me.
After this incident, Nazia and her children were suffering from severe trauma. While now the court has ordered children to execute the fraud of abusive sexual abuse. Responding to this sentence, he said that he has become a sinner today and he got justice from the court under which his brother was punished for death and death. However, he said he did not want to be punished, he needed justice which he had received and thanked Allaah

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