The water closure of Pakistan will expand the world. Indus Water Commission

The water closure of Pakistan will expand the world. Indus Water Commission

Pakistan has decided to approach the World Bank to answer India’s aggression. Pakistan Indus Water Supply officials say that Pakistan’s water-closure plans will bring globalization. The issue of water aggression on Indian media, Command Water Commissioner, Mehr Ali Shah, said that if any longer aquarium strikes India, it will be fully answered.
If India violates Sindh Task Agreement and international law, it will be referred to all the global issues. The Indian authorities were informed that if the invasion of the world would go to the World Bank. On the other hand, Modi’s government had decided to sanction the construction of 3 new dams on river Ravi, Satlaj and Bias.

Construction of Shah Kandi Dam on the river Satlaj was approved.

Sources said that the Modi government also approved construction of Dam on Ravi and Bios linking project and River Ravi. Construction of new dams will be completed completely from the three rivers in the three rivers, the construction of India Dams will store 168 million acres of water, officials said. According to authorities, Ministry of Water Resources said no information to Pakistani institutions before approval of the construction of dams. Not given
According to the Indian media, this project will be completed in June 2022 and the Central Government will provide Rs. 485.38 crore in five years for this project. In May last year, India also stopped the river of Chenab and river Jhelum. While India has constructed Kishan Gangma Dam on Baglabar and Jhelum water on the river Nileam on the river Chenab.

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