This Pakistani gamer just won the biggest Esports tournament for Tekken

Pakistanis represent!

The biggest tournament for fighting video games, EVO just wrapped up in Las Vegas, USA, and it featured all our favourite fighting games. From Mortal Kombat to Street Fighter V to Tekken 7, players from all over the world come down to show off their skills and prove that they’re the best at their game.

On Sunday, Pakistani pro-gamer Arslan Siddique took home the championship for Tekken 7 and we are livid. For one thing, his win was one epic watch for the FGC (Fighting Game Community).

While the best players for Tekken 7 usually hail from South Korea, Arslan beat South Korea’s Knee in the grand finals, using Kazumi for his victory.

Arslan, known as Arslan Ash, had previously also won the second Evo Japan in February, becoming the first ever unified EVO champion. That’s right, not the first Pakistani, the first gamer.

“I feel like I’ve done something unbelievable,” said Arslan after winning the finals. “I’m just so proud and happy.”

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