When a woman tried to eat live autopsy

When a woman tried to eat live autopsy
Ask how much food you can afford to live a living creature, ask a Chinese blogger who tried to eat an octopus alive.

This Blogger named Sydney Girl Little Sone postes videos on Chinese social media, and in a similar video he was starring Octkop’s own part of his diet.

But this effort resulted in the octopus sticking to her face, and she disappeared from some parts of the woman’s skin.

When he tried to eat octopus, his legs sticked to different parts of the face due to which the woman screamed and tried to remove it.

Indeed, at the beginning of the video, the woman apparently was unaware of the fact that she was eating a living creature, but it was quiet when it was sticking to the skin of many living legs.

While removing it, she has been feeling that I am feeling very painy and I can not remove it.

When Octopus was removed in some way, the woman’s cheek was injured and it was said that the face does not exist in her place.

In the past, this woman was worried why her videos are not popularity but everything has changed quite well after the autocopy attack and she has become very popular on social media platforms in China.

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