Agreement with IMF to be reached soon: Asad Umar

Account Minister Asad Umar on Monday said an understanding will before long be come to with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

While addressing columnists in Islamabad, Umar said Pakistan had not changed its position in converses with the IMF. He included that the IMF had amended their position and “the hole” between the IMF and Pakistan had diminished.

On a related note, the money serve said gas and power costs will increment steadily as endowments are pulled back, including that the administration sponsorship gas and power won’t be pulled back right away.

He likewise included that the new IMF mission boss is to land in Pakistan tomorrow (March 26) for an initial visit.

On March 16, Umar had indicated that bailout bundle chats with the IMF are in their last stages and the administration will have further dealings with the recently delegated IMF mission boss before achieving an understanding.

“Pakistan has come nearer to achieving a concurrence with the IMF as the contrasts among Pakistan and the IMF over a conceivable bailout bundle have diminished,” he had said.

The account serve had said that an arrangement would emerge simply after a nitty gritty exchange with the IMF mission boss. He clarified that no last sum for the bailout bundle had been chosen up until this point, as exchanges were as yet in progress.

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