American Capital Group’s desire to invest in Pakistan

The American Financial Services Company Capital Group has expressed interest in investing in Pakistan, the Prime Minister Imran Khan met with the delegation of American Financial Group, in which the delegation appreciated the government’s economic rehabilitation measures, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan Unique geographical limitations are very suitable for customization.
According to media reports, today the Prime Minister Imran Khan met with the delegation of American Financial Group. Imran Khan informed the investor delegation about the reform agenda in the meeting. The Supermarkets delegation appreciated the economic rehabilitation measures, the world’s oldest and largest investor organization. The security situation and the government’s seriousness came towards the investor.

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the interest in investing. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that due to government policies, business opportunities have increased. The steps are being taken to provide the best environment for security. Raising business environment will improve employment opportunities.
Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that more than 20 million people of Pakistan contain more youth. Pakistan’s unique geographical boundaries are ideal for businessmen. Earlier, the meeting was attended by the National Interior Security Committee under Prime Minister Imran Khan. The situation of peace in the society and the implementation of all the provisions of the National Action Plan was reviewed.
The Secretary of State has given detailed detailed briefing on the progress of the National Action Plan to the Prime Minister. It has been approved to create a working group for the implementation of National Action Plan in the community. The Working Group will work in connection with the institutions. Prime Minister Imran Khan under the announcement said that it is committed to removing obstacles.
The implementation of the National Action Plan is the primary priority of the government. Imran Khan said the National Action Plan is a translation of the demands of the nation and there is a consensus plan of all political parties. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan is a terrorist group or armed organization But will not let it work. Pakistani forces have faced numerous sacrifices against terrorism.
As a result of sacrifices we have succeeded against terrorism. Pakistan has suffered much more casualties and financial losses in the war of terror. Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the International Housing Conference today said that housing scheme will be started in April to build 50 lakh houses in the country. The hideouts of government land will be declared a crime, the occupants will be put in prisons, the poor do not have the concept of getting loans in Pakistan, once the construction of 50 million construction begins, each passing It will improve with the year, the government is working to regulate rigid population, for which India and Turkey housing scheme models will be adopted.

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