Due to the fact that Salman and Dipeeka did not work together

Indian actress Salman Khan told actress Deepika Padukone to not work till now. According to the website “India Cast”, Bollywood’s salaries have acted in Bollywood with almost all herbal actresses, but if she said It will not be wrong if there are many big actors today bringing them to the industry, but only Deepika Boliv is the only actress who has not seen against Salman Khan till today.
Every new actor of Bollywood is to work with Salman Khan, while dream of Salma is to work with Deepika, today he revealed it. Salman Khan expressed desire to work with Deepika While speaking, why did not he work with Deepika till today?

In an interview, Salman Khan said that till date, a directive did not offer them to work with Deepika.

Salman Khan further added that Deepika Bolive is a very big star of the film industry and she is also keen to work with the house, but she is not working with the person, but yes, if she had a good opportunity, They will definitely work with Deepika. On the other hand, when Deepika was questioned why why you did not work with Salman till now, he said that I never said that I worked with Salman. I do not want to do that I do not have any option. I forbid anyone, but I feel that everything is at my own time and with Salman Lim also be in his time.

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