Farhan Saeed reveals why he’s nervous about Suno Chanda 2

Suno Chanda’s second season will be hitting screens this Ramazan and Farhan Saeed is extremely nervous.

Speaking to Images from the set of his drama, the actor explained what’s giving him the jitters, what we can expect from the upcoming season and what the storyline is about.

“I’m very excited and nervous [about the new season] because the first time Suno Chanda was a new thing, people did not have such expectations, now people have a lot of expectations and that makes us nervous as a team,” said Farhan.

However, he believes that “the most important thing is that we’re really enjoying it (the shoot). That’s the best part, when you enjoy, people enjoy it too; when the actors on set have fun, it shows on screen.”

Arsal and Ajiya having fun on set.
Arsal and Ajiya having fun on set.

“The entire team; me, (director) Ahson Talish, Iqra Aziz we’re working hard once again. Suno Chanda is one project in which we work with all our hearts and we have fun on sets.”

The script has new additions, he added. “Of course the story line has moved on [from the last season], Arsal and Ajiya are married, now it’s about how they work with each other. There are a few new characters in the script, the rest is a continuation of where we left off last Ramazan with the wedding – there are new things but the basics are the same.”

“Arsal and Ajiya are exactly like how they were [in season 1]. This season has romance, fights, everything, but we’ve tried not to make anything look forced, [however] when Ahson is on set we don’t need to worry about these things because he works with the script so brilliantly,”

Yeah, they're up to no good.
Yeah, they’re up to no good.

Farhan added, “It all depends on the director and how he takes the entire thing forward, and Ahson handled the romance and everything really well. We’d do whatever he asked us too.”

He ended the interview saying, “There are no expectations from my side. I hope people like it.”

Suno Chanda 2 is scheduled to air this Ramazan.

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