Mother-child Health Prevention

An Female advocacy event was conducted  in RHC Ekka Ghund on topic of Mother child health prevention of communicable disease and Leshmenia awareness,

Dr. Ashiq Deputy Director Admin FATA Directorate chaired the session N.P.C Mohmand.Parvaiz Iqbal highlited the importance of family planning and reproductive health.

Dr. Matiullah explained the importance of breast feed and birth space the upcoming arousing the capital situation of Leshmenia he informed community around us preventing and treatment

the significance of family arranging and conceptive health.

Dr. Matiullah clarified the significance of bosom feed and birth space the up and coming .

Stirring the capital circumstance of Leshmenia he educated network around us counteracting and treatment.

Sharia Hadees  discourse about the significance of bosom sustaining, birth dividing in regard of Qurani action words.

Office organizer Mohmand Shah Faisal Kaka Khel composed this Kwarmen Program.Dr.

Sanam Gul senior Program Manager educated network about the vibes of green star Fata in District of Fata. Greenstar is attempting to quality the competency of Government wellbeing staff via preparing of LHVs on hands on fundamental of material and new conceived child practice.

Care, and preparing of conventional birth specialists on safe and clean conveyances in Tribal Districts.

.Toward the finish of program Dr. Aashiq D.D Admin DHQ FATA dispersed Greenstar Pakistan I.P.C Material among the member. NN

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