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Health Tips Top 5 health tip keep you healthy 

When it comes to health and nutrition there are several different opinions. You may say that as many people as you talk to the opinions also gather up. These are some certified tips for attaining better health. By following these few tips, you can definitely improve your health in no time
Adequate Sleep
The most important need for your body is adequate sleep of 6 to 8 hours at night. There is a conception that the body needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep. It not only need a specific amount but also the time. You must sleep at night because that is the best time for your body to rest and activate its growth hormones.

Physical Exercise
Exercising and yoga help keep your body young and mobile. It maintains the flexibility and mobility of your muscles. Physical exercise doesn’t mean you have to do some heavy exercise or go to the gym, simply taking a walking in the morning may help in this regard. Doing planks can help in improving the health of almost all muscles of your body. You can start exercising for 5 minutes a day, increasing it with the passage of time.

Although nuts are high-fat food, It essential in our diet. A handful of nuts helps in strengthening your muscles and bones. It has all the nutrients significant for the proper functioning of the body.

Low Intake of Sugar
Reduce the intake of sugar and sugar products, specifically liquid food containing a high level of sugar. The liquid sugar is treated differently by the brain and this is the major cause of obesity. Fruit juices have similar effects on the body as carbonated drinks and soda, therefore they should also be decreased in the diet.
Drink Water
It is an assumption that only 6 to 8 glasses of water are enough for the body. However, everyone has their own requirements. Excess water never causes any trouble for a person. Drink as much water as you can, as it helps in efficient metabolism of the body. Especially drink water before having a meal and avoid drinking water during and immediately after meals.

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