hotography Extraordinaire – The Name’s OPPO, Remember It!

 The smartphone revolution has made cameras and photography easily accessible to the average user. With nobody feeling the need to carry a dedicated device anymore, OPPO grabbed a huge share of the evolving market by launching smartphones with advanced camera specs and making a niche for itself as the Selfie Expert.

Setting the bar high from the get-go, OPPO was also the first to introduce 5MP and 16MP front and rear camera taking the art of photography to another level. The brand did not stop its innovative streak, the F series is testament to its success in the visual market.

F3 Plus went on to be the first of its kind to introduce a dual selfie camera setup. F5, F7 and F9 Pro further took it up a notch with the power of AI, gradient design and water drop screen, respectively.

Excellence is expected from its new flagship the F 11 Pro which promises to revolutionize the Portrait as we know it. The modern world has been a playing field for freedom of expression and the Selfie ruled hearts and phones alike for its carefree, ever present and moment-based buzz.

However, the smart phone market continues to expand and users demand excitement, for which the playing field further expands to low light modes and Portrait imagery. With a brand like OPPO, whose reach spans multiple markets across the globe, the innovative wheel has just started spinning and gaining momentum as we speak.

We foresee it revolutionizing the young millennials smartphone experience with its latest offering – the F11 Pro.

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