I made Pakistan a nuclear state, says Nawaz

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that he was punished for making Pakistan’s defence insurmountable. In a statement issued in connection with Yaum-e-Takbir anniversary (May 28 when Pakistan conducted nuclear tests), Mr Sharif said it was a day of integrity and national character for which he faced prison and exile which he wore as a pride for this service for national pride and insurmountable defence. Mr Sharif is currently in the Kot Lakhpat jail serving a seven-year term in the Al Azizia Steel Mills corruption reference.

Mr Sharif said on May 28 Pakistan emerged on the world map as a nuclear power, a day that celebrated the valour and matchless resilience of Pakistanis and that of alarm and annihilation of the enemies of Pakistan who dare dream of aggression against the motherland.


He said that 21 years ago this decision was made amidst threats of crippling economic sanctions and billions of dollars in return for not going ahead with the tests. However, he said, the power of God Almighty and the unanimous support of the people enabled him to take this crucial decision which time has proven to be the best step in the right direction in national interest.

Mr Sharif said that international powers wary of Pakistan’s insurmountable defence, progress and stability rose up yet again when he decided to take the second most momentous decision of bringing CPEC to Pakistan which would make Pakistan truly an economically sovereign country. The same interest group, in order to destroy this economic progress led a witch-hunt against him to sabotage this programme as a result of which he was being held accountable for crimes he had never even thought of committing.

Mr Sharif said he did not fear this persecution 21 years back and he would not let up against them even now because he was willing to pay any price to uphold Pakistan’s physical or economic sovereignty.He said that from the dungeon of the persecution that he was currently confined to, he wanted to assure his nation that he did not kneel to those who conspired against the country back then and would compromise on it now.


“The PML-N and it’s leadership will continue to struggle for the destiny Pakistan and its people deserve and God Almighty will always help him in this cause,” he concluded.

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