Imran Nawaz expressed thanks to Nawaz Sharif on Bilawal Bhutto’s Kuwait Lakhpat Jail

Bilawal’s remarkable thinking is not worth mentioning ‘Bilawal Bhutto, the main leader of the PML-N leader, has termed human values, social tradition by promoting Nawaz Sharif.

The PML-N leader’s main leader, Mir Nawaz, thanked Nawaz Sharif for meeting Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s co-chairman in the Kot Lakhpat jail. “I am very grateful to Bilawal Bhutto, his worried and meditative thoughts are valued,” he said in his statement on the social networking website on Twitter.

The PML-N leader and Senator Asif Karmani said that Bilawal Bhutto’s interpretation of human values ​​and social tradition by presenting Nawaz Sharif, said Mary Nawaz that Bilawal Bhutto prayed for good wishes. Is it The PML-N sees Bilawal Bhutto’s co-author’s visit to Lucknow. Aftab Karkani said that Nawaz Sharif has the right to choose his own doctor and hospital, responsible for the delay in the treatment of Nawaz Sharif. Is

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