Mahira Khan’s take on getting older is a welcome break from youth-obsessed celebrity culture

In her latest Instagram post, superstar Mahira Khan has talked about a subject that most celebs shy away from.

She’s admitted to starting to ‘feel old’ and said that she’s learning to embrace it.

The actor shared on Instagram, “I saw these pictures and thought – ‘Damn I look older’. I do. I feel it. In my bones. On my face. The white strands in my hair. And I quite like it – not nearly as much as I love the kid in me, but it’s getting there.”

At a time when celebrities are obsessed with looking younger and fighting a battle with time so that they’re not sidelined in the industry, Mahira’s open acknowledgement of her ageing is a breath of fresh air and much-needed.

For a high-profile star like Mahira who has a huge following in Pakistan and abroad to talk about ageing is significant because it lays the groundwork for the further endeavours that needs to be made to improve the work opportunities for female actors young and old. Growing older shouldn’t by default be the bane of a celebrity’s existence that it’s thought to be.

Recently Hadiqa Kiani faced ageist comments from a fan and she didn’t hold back from schooling her. “Heads up ladies, you’re all going to age, you’re all going to gain a few pounds or lose a few pounds, get a few wrinkles and despite your success and independence, society will try to judge you and tell you to conform to their standards.”

“The idea that you’re supposed to just die and get locked in a house after age 35 as a woman in this country needs to end. If Allah gives me the energy, strength and motivation to be this active when I’m 55, 65 or 75 and if I want to be this active, then I will,” she wrote.

We hope more celebs can do the same.

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