Paire Chicken Shashlik Recipe

15 minutes

Cooking time

40 minutes

What number of individuals are there?

3 individuals

Fixings – Components

1 Chicken Bread Half Cubic 2

Perry Sauce Two To Three Meat Spoon

3 Salt Flavored

4 Ginger Garlic Poured A Meat Spoon

5 Onion 6 A, Red, Yellow Vegetables A Pearl Cutie

7 Broccoli A Small Flower 8 Pepper Grated A Tea Spoon

9 Shrimp One Meal Spoon

10 Soy Sauce Two Meal Spoon

11 Corn Flame Two Meat Spoon

12 Coking Oil Customization

Well ordered Instructions


1 Chicken Bread of the sixty and place it in a bowl and pour it with salt, ginger garlic, pepper sauce,

2 pearl sauce, vinegar, soy sauce and two dinner spoon coking oil.

3. Every one of the vegetables are additionally little. Draw it in the bowl .

4 Fifteen to twenty minutes subsequent to applying chicken and vegetables on little sticks .

5 In two non-stick skillet, put two supper spoon coking eggs and sear these fights .

6 When singed on one side Flip it on the opposite side and keep it independently in the marineization (which is set up with flavors) .

7 Remove the container when it is totally brilliant.

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