PM Khan rules out ‘NRO’, faults Nawaz for not building ‘one good hospital’ in 30 years

Commenting on PML-N ‘supreme leader’ Nawaz Sharif’s refusal to seek medical treatment within Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday asked why, if the Sharifs were in power for 30 years, they were unable to “build one hospital where they themselves could be treated.”

The remark came during an interaction with journalists in Islamabad, where the premier was also reported to have complained that: “The Sharifs should be ashamed they created 30 factories out of one, but could not build a single proper hospital for the people.”

“Ishaq Dar’s farther used to sell bicycles; even he [Dar] gets his treatment in London now,” the prime minister further remarked.

He also made it clear that he would not allow any convict to cut deals with the government, while stressing that the law does not allow any prisoner to be accorded treatment that 150,000 other incarcerated individuals cannot receive.

Financial matters

Speaking about the financial situation of the country, Prime Minister Khan said that his government had inherited its financial crisis.

“The previous government left a record debt behind: they sent the debt soaring to Rs30 trillion. If my government takes on less loans than they did, it means we are in the right direction.”

“We have taken steps to stop money laundering. Our foreign exchange [reserves] are increasing and investors are coming to Pakistan. Our foreign policy is in the right direction.”

“The same US that used to tell us to do more, is praising us today. It acknowledges that there can’t be peace an Afghanistan without Pakistan,” he said.

Speaking about the National Accountability Bureau, the premier stated that the organisation is independent of the government and noted that all corruption cases being pursued against leaders of other political parties are ‘old’.

“Bilawal Bhutto is making a lot of noise, [but he forgets that] the fake bank accounts case has been under investigation since 2016. Corruption in this country will only end when the major players are held accountable,” he said.

Relations with India

Commenting on India’s continued anti-Pakistan narrative, the premier said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “is stuck in war hysteria.”

“He has turned hatred for Pakistan into a political campaign,” the prime minister regretted.

‘PM Khan using NAB as tactic to hide own incompetence’

PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb reacted to Prime Minister Khan’s comments and said that he is using NAB and the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) to “hide his own incompetence”.

“Imran Khan spent the last five years doing politics over Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. Even today, his biggest fear are the two Sharif brothers,” she said.

“The opposition is uniting against Imran Khan’s incompetence,” she said.

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