Prime Minister Imran Khan slogan in Malaysia

Prisoners of Imran Khan resigned before the departure of the ship sent to 320 Pakistani prisoners on the directive of the Prime Minister on the departure of the Prime Minister. It is clear that the spokesperson of the foreign ministry had told that on the basis of the directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan, 320 Pakistani prisoners will be brought to Malaysia by a special flight, Geo News reported. Despite being completed, Pakistanis and Malaysia have been imprisoned due to the cancellation of direct flights. Are there
The Foreign Office has said that the country has not returned home due to the cancellation of direct flights between Pakistan and Malaysia, so they will be brought through Pakistan via special flights.

According to the Foreign Office, Prime Minister Imran Khan has given special directives to bring Pakistaniis back to prison in Malaysia despite being punished. The Prime Minister directed that the prisoners should be brought to Pakistan before the Eid so that they can be honored with their family.

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