Rabana Arbati addresses the famous Saudi singer of Barbados

Wanted to marry Barbados, a leading singer, 31-year-old Riana and billionaire Saudi Arabia businessman Hassan Jamil last month, in the last month, the reports came to be seen that both were secretly meeting, but it was not confirmed. The news has come out that singer Ranaa still loves Hassan Jamil and wants to join her.
Riana, a video of Shubub journalist and Analyst Morgan Stewart, concludes that singers want to change relationship with the billionaire person in relation to relationships. Ranaa and Hassan Jamil by the Shabab journalist Morgan Stewart A video was released regarding the relationship and love in which he made several predictions about both of them.

While photographing pictures of secret meetings between Renaissance and Hassan Jamil in Morgan Stewart in Morgan Stewart, predicting that they are looking forward to both of them, Morgan Stewart said that it is not only Ranaa that just Jamil But the singer will be the mother of the children of the billionaire person’s children. This video has been featured by hundreds of fans of Renaissance and Hassan Jamil and appreciated their pair. The same actress Rana also The fact that it was concluded that singers want to change relations between billionaire and a Saudi person in a relationship.

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