So far the easiest way to overcome obesity


There is no doubt that obesity around the globe is increasing rapidly and men and women suffering from this problem are found in every country of the world.

At present, obesity is one of the 10 major causes of the deaths in the world, and estimated 2050 obesity will be included in 5 major causes of death.

To reduce or control obesity, eating exercise and healthy food is the first priority and there is no doubt that these two methods are the most important to reduce obesity.

But as a recent study, sleep sleep is as important as possible and healthy diet in preventing obesity or preventing it from growing.

مکمل اور پرسکون نیند نہ کرنے والے افراد میں موٹاپے کے امکانات بڑھ جاتے ہیں،ماہرین—فائل فوٹو: ہیلتھ لائن

According to the latest research of the National Solid Foundation (NSF), the American social organization is one of the most important contributors to overcome obesity.

Potentials of obesity in those who do not sleep full and comfortable, experts-file photo: health line
According to NSF experts, lack of sleep where cause blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease, it also causes obesity.

According to the report, if any person uses healthy food, including exercise to reduce obesity without taking full sleep, his obesity will not be reduced.

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According to experts, because of calm and not sleeping, the least young people suffer from obesity.

پر سکون نیند نہ کرنے سے بالغ افراد میں موٹاپے کے 55 فیصد امکانات بڑھ جاتے ہیں—فوٹو: پنٹ ریسٹBy not sleeping, adult people increase 55% of obesity-photos: Pant Rest
Experts say that people who do not sleep for 7 hours daily are more likely to have obesity potential.

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The report said that the chances of getting fat in the night for 7 hours of sleep or children are 68%, whereas chances of obesity in adults increase by 55%.

Experts suggest that a daily sleeping 7-hour sleep is essential to avoid obesity while sleeping should not sleep less than 5 hours in the night.

According to experts, at night, people with less than 5 hours of sleep are likely to develop problems such as blood pressure, heart diseases, and mental stress including obesity.

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