The dollar also got cheaper when the stock market rises

The dollar has also been cheaper than the stock market accelerated. In the Inter Bank, $ 92 was cheaper, $ 150 from cheaper than 22 paise has been up to 149 rupees 30 paise. The stock market has witnessed a sharp rise in the stock market at the beginning of the day. After the latest breakdown, business is improving in the stock market today. So far, a total of 923 points have been reported in the SSC 100 index.
After this period, 100 index reached 35873 points. The stock markets were a sharp trend last week after seeing a huge increase in the stock market. On Tuesday, business stock was recorded at 748 points in the stock market on Tuesday, but today it has grown sharply. The price of Daler has also declined in Inter Bank.

Due to the slowdown of the stock market, the price of the dollar in the Interbank market increased by 76 paise, after which the value of the dollar increased from 149 rupees 74 paise to 150 rupees 50 paise, but after the market improved today The dollar has been cheaper than $ 92 and $ 150 has been cheaper than $ 150 in cheaper than $ 150. On the other hand, the open market has witnessed the rise in dollar value.
$ 50 in the open market has become expensive. The dollar has increased by Rs 150 to 50 paise in the open market, before the price of $ 150 in the open market. The dollar’s price is falling short after reaching Rs 154, but it was seen to increase in the previous day, but today the bank price declined. Gold prices are likely to drop down after the fall in dollar and the stock market accelerates.
Gold is continuously cheaper for many days and it was seen to fall in gold prices last week when gold prices fell to Rs 700 per tonne. With this deficit, the price of 24-liter Gold in gold market was Rs 80,38, while 22-point gold price was Rs 63,000 per 250 rupees.

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