The Prime Minister approved recruitment in federal police

Executive Imran Khan affirms enrollment in the government police, 3386 enlistments will be made in the bureaucratic police, 2 new units in police will be made and selected for particular police unit, uncommon unit will be for Chinese occupants, enrollment process finished till 2023. Will be done Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued orders for well ordered enlistments in the government police, as per media reports.

It has been said that 3386 officers and youth will be enlisted in people in general on the order of Prime Minister.

Two new units will be made in the police. A unit is available to be purchased and keeping in mind that the other is an extraordinary police unit. 2386 officers and young fellows will be enrolled in the Order and Order Police Unit. 3386 officers and youth will be selected in the locale units. A unique officer and young fellow will be selected in the extraordinary police unit. Particular police unit will give security to the Chinese individuals as it were. Four officers will be finished in the fourth period of enrollment of four cops. The exceptional police unit and the police and unit police unit The enrollment procedure will be handled.

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