The Sufia Jabbar is ready to play an old role in the new play

After a hit play, the journalist Jabbar Khattak is once again going to play as a mother, but this time she has to face problems in raising her children. The story of ‘Daddy’ is a woman whose marriage stays for 15 days. (The husband’s mother forced her to divorce her son). This woman then fights the battle of her daughter (Saboor Ali) and also protects her from getting fate like her.
This is the first time that the scripture will appear in the role of the elderly from Jabbar Jani, and it is very less that such actress is ready to play an aged role. So Jabbar, the scripture, said that the play The message is very important. He said, “I am playing a role-playing role in the beginning of my career, but I really wanted to do that, I do not always want to play the role of a glamorous girl.”

But the difficulty for them was that they could pay their role in their role. My performance experience is not too much and I am working with a big star cast, Saboor himself is a very good actor, for me a youth and grandmother. The role proved to be challenging. In this play, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Nadia Afghan, Saboor Ali, Arif Farooq and Saba Hameem will play a role in Jabbar, whereas Mohsin Mirza is directed by director Abdul Abdullah Saja, while Ali Maine wrote. It’s still up to date.

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