Think about your kidneys

The kidney is an important part of the human body .It performs a basic and important function in the body, it is a part of the human body that performs many important functions, it is useful to keep blood clean and chemical As a blood balance, 200 liters of blood in the kidney body and 2 ml of dirty ingredients and excess water emit .This dirty water and blood exit from the human body if it is urine,
The nutrients in blood come due to old and depleted cells and it is very important to get rid of blood.

If the kidneys do not exit these ingredients at the time of time, they will form the cells in the body and the internal system will reduce the immune system. It is very easy to diagnose.

Global Day is celebrated on March 2 each year for kidney disease. This year, the world’s kidneys are celebrated on March 14.
Every year millions of people suffer from various diseases of kidneys and are washing hands with life, according to the Institute’s Health Statistics, more than two million people are suffering from diseases related to kidney disease, while the number of such patients is fifteen yearly It’s up to 20 percent.

According to medical experts, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental stress and water are due to kidney disease, it is necessary to avoid excessive use of water, cigarette and obesity to avoid kidney diseases.
Let us first see what the kidney is, and what is our job in our body?
In our body, two glands in the form of oval shape are similar to the seeds of the liver and at the bottom of the camera are the left left of the spinal cord.
These glands, called kidney kidneys, are counted on the body of nervousness of our body .The kidneys are slightly higher than the right kidney .A average of seven liter lows in each kid passes through an hour .The most interesting thing is that The kidneys consist of nutrients of Nephron containing around 2.5 million vegetable ingredients. A nephron is a complete kidney kidney shape.
This filter plant in your body continues for 24 hours.
As the industrial system spread with its gourmet, the potatoes started flowing on their ground. The contaminated water of different factories and various chemicals were thrown into the ocean and the river, and the fact was that the process The resulting drinking water will be poisonous.

Pollution has increased so much that it’s difficult to overcome.
It is contamination due to which a large number of people suffering from kidney disease is compelled to suffer harmful lives.
Pakistan is among those countries where nervous diseases have increased nicely, thousands of people die annually only every year.

Pakistan’s leading surgeon Dr. Idib ul Hasan Ravi and Dr. Anwar Naqvi believe that pollution and non-malnutrition are the main causes of kidney disease. In India, kidney diseases are as follows:
1. Pattern
2. Infected inflammation, infection
3. Disruptions in question
These diseases can occur in any part of the age of an individual.
Some diseases are also born, such as kidneys, do not have their place.
Both kidneys are in one place, obstacles in the urine, break in urine and bleeding over the body.
The following are the following symptoms of the neutral kidney: High pressure of the blood pressure, kidney side at the bottom of the waist, face face and foot, feeling irritable in urine, repeatedly occurring, fracture or drowsiness, feeling fatigue Hunger, lack of blood, steady fever, breathing, pissing in urine, panic and sleep, diabetes.
These are the symptoms that usually occur in an inferior kidney patient.
Experts say that most people ignore many distinct symptoms of kidney diseases .It is a disease that can prove to be known. According to experts, if the following symptoms come in front of the doctor, please refer to the doctor. Should go
Kidneys are responsible for making urine and they remove the body’s kernel, if they change urine, color, etc., never ignore it.
If the kidneys do not function properly, the toxic material does not exit the body from the urine and remains present in the blood, increasing the content of this material causes anxiety complaint .The difficulty of breathing breathing difficult Can also come in.
After some physical activity, there are two reasons for breathing. If one does not work kidneys, it can increase the fluid in the lungs, the lack of second blood causes oxygen deficiency in the body. The resulting breath seems to knee.
If you are difficult to breathe even after doing a little bit of work, you should refer to the doctor immediately because it can be a sign of asthma, lung cancer and heart failure.
If there are kidney problems, the amount of hormone called EPO decreases, which reduces the blood cells of the blood, which causes body and brain to suddenly become fatigue, headache and physical weakness.
In such a way the taste of food feels worse, even during the breathing, it is a sign of blood poisoning in blood during the time. Even if the hunger desire decreases or ends, resulting in physical weight I get unexpected.
The skin dry and irritated is also indicative that the kidneys and nutrients do not balance the balance.

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