Twenty-two children born in Chinese women, whose father is different



Twin birth is now becoming quite common, but a recent case has emerged which has put the whole world torn apart.

Yes, a woman in China gave birth to twins and then revealed that in fact, the father of both children is different and with one in such millions.

According to a report from the Chinese media, this disclosure, in fact, showed women’s welfare in front of her husband.

This incident came to Chemain City of China’s troops, when the couple had to register the birth of their twins in the local police station.

They had to do DNA tests for registration so that they could prove to be their children.

Before this, the husband was surprised that a child is like this, but the other is completely different, why it is.

When the DNA test was made in which a child was of a husband, but the other is not but the other’s children.

Knowing the husband whose name is Sheniyongong is known, it became enraged and demanded to tell the truth by reaching his wife.

Initially, the wife refused to accept it and accused her of bringing a false report to her husband, but she acknowledged the truth that she had a physical connection with another person, and the other child is the result.

Now Shuanguangong says he is ready to raise his child, but not the other person’s child.

The birth of two twin babies is rarely born, and it is called medical therapy as heteropaternal superfecundation.

This brought in front of the unidentified event’s courtesy, where director Mr Zeng said it was a very special case.

He said that the woman established physical relations with two men and became pregnant.

He said that father is not ready to bring another child, but as far as the woman is concerned, the couple has decided that this issue will be fixed automatically.

In the past medical research reports have proved that it is possible, but it is likely to happen with either of 13,000 couples.

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