US sanctions affect relief activities for flood victims in Iran


Iranian Foreign Minister has said that due to economic sanctions last year by the US President Donald Trumpet, there is a major problem facing the devastating flood victims in the country.

Mohammad Javed Zafar said that Iran’s ‘policy for maximum pressure’ has severe problems in providing assistance to the affected areas and families for the Hillal Ahmar.

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He said that the supply of goods, including relief relief helicopters, was stopped in these conditions.

He tweeted that ‘this is not just economic war but economic terrorism’.

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It is believed that the southern cities and villages of Iran have been facing flood for the past two weeks, which has killed about 50 people so far.

The spokesman for the ministry, Bahram Gaseem, said that due to American sanctions, the foreign accounts of Iranian Hilal-i-Ummar are freezing due to which foreign aid is also provided for victims.

On the other hand, local authorities have demanded a helicopter to provide access to relief services and relief supplies to many affected areas.

The UK and Germany have offered relief goods boats and protective equipment.

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According to Iranian media, due to flood, groundwater has vanished from 2,000 villages due to flood and electricity and charity system was destroyed in many places.

Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that 25 of the 31 provinces of the world are suffering from floods, it has never happened before.

He visited the flood-affected areas of northern Iran’s northern eastern province of Gilistan, whereas the number of people killed in Gulistan province rose to 10 according to official data.

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Last year, 30 people were killed in the flood in eastern eastern Iran.

Remember that many people were injured in a 6.4-magnitude earthquake in the western western province of Karman Shah in November last year.

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