Video: Indian pilot Abhi Nandan says Pakistani army treated him with respect

A video discharged by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Wednesday evening indicates hostage Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhi Nandan chatting with military authorities and saying he has been dealt with well.

“Indeed I have been dealt with well,” says Commander Nandan.

He includes: “I’d like to put this on record; I won’t change my announcement notwithstanding when I return to my nation. The officers of the Pakistan Army have taken care of me great.”

“Beginning from the Captain who saved me from the crowd, from the troopers, and from there on the officers of the unit where I was taken to. I would anticipate that my military should carry on similarly. Also, I’m extremely awed with the Pakistan Army.”

Amid the discussion, the official influencing the video to can be heard asking: “Where in India would you say you are from?”

The pilot reacts: “Am I expected to disclose to you that? “I’m from down South.”

The officer at that point asks him, “Would you say you are hitched?

Reaction: “Yes I am.”

“I trust you like the tea?” asks the officer.

Nandan answers: “The tea is incredible, bless your heart.”

Official asks: “What flying machine would you say you were flying?”

The pilot reacts: “I’m sad Major, shouldn’t reveal to you this but rather I’m certain you’ve discovered the destruction.”

The official at that point asks him, “What was your main goal?”

Nandan says: “Sorry, shouldn’t disclose to you this.”

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