Wats app’s new move to stop elections in India, counterfeit news

The popular Maging Appropriation Wats app launches a new feature (tip line) to deal with fake news during the general election in India, which will help citizens to confirm the rumors.

According to the British news agency Reuters report, a statement issued by the Wats app states that the Indian Star-up Company Prototype to rank as false, misleading, misleading or controversial messages sent by the consumer Working with

In July 2018, Wats app announced restrictions on forwarding forward messages on all users around the globe to prevent the rumors spread.

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The Wats app blog was told that in India, where people share the most of the messages, photos and videos in comparison to any country in the world, we are also testing forward message boundaries and only 5 Chat message can be forwarded, while we are removing the QuickForward button from the media messages.

The blog was not told by the Wats app that what would be the front message in other countries outside India.

However, a company spokesperson said to the media that this limit would be 20 for consumers around the world and people will not be able to forward a message in more than 20 friends or groups.

It is clear that in India over 20 months, more than 20 people have been killed by extortionists due to the wreck of children involved in child abuse and other crimes on the Wats app.

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It is believed that before the start of April 11 in India, Facebook has closed the last day due to the 687 pages linked to the opposition Congress Congress Party and account accounts for ‘non-moderate behavior’.

Facebook said that the investigation came to know that consumers used fake accounts, whereas several groups became part of their content distribution and engagement in their content.

The company had said that in their posts local news, political opponents such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party was criticized on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party.

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